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Fuel Pumps Online was established in 2004 to cater for the specialist fuel system requirements of the Classic Car and Motorsport applications. We are leaders in the supply of competition fuel pumps for cars and bikes. Alongside our extensive range of authentic Walbro and Facet pumps we also carry a range of standard replacement pumps for road cars.

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Malpassi Carb Regulators

Walbro Re-branded TI Automotive

If you are shopping for a high-pressure fuel pump, you may not know that the famous Walbro brand has changed the name of its aftermarket upgrade pumps to Ti Automotive. For over 60 years, Walbro fuel pumps have been manufactured by TI Automotive Ltd and now they are transitioning the brand name for all of its high-performance range. These are still the same superior pumps that have led the way in Motorsport for decades.
Sytec Race Pumps

Sytec Motorsport Pumps

The exciting new range of Sytec 300 LPH & 340 LPH high flow fuel pumps are designed and tested with performance & reliability as a priority. Pumps are available for cars using standard forecourt petrol with up to 15% ethanol content. Part numbers ending with ‘EM’ are compatible with all petrol types up to and including E85 (85% Ethanol). We have a wide range of kits to suit many modern tuned vehicles and motorsport fuel cells.
Malpassi Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator

Malpassi Regulators

Malpassi adjustable fuel pressure regulators have been installed in upgraded fuel systems on low pressure carburettor applications for a number of years. Made in Italy and originally designed to compliment turbo-charged, carburettor equipped engines, these regulators are now popularity used by classic car owners when upgrading to electric fuel pumps including the famous Facet low pressure pumps.