This new 350 LPH range of in-tank motorsport fuel pumps from Walbro TI Automotive is similar to their earlier 255 LPH range, but benefits include:

- A new and improved one piece design outlet
- Higher flow rates ideal for turbo and supercharged engines
- Features robust gerotor technology in a compact 39mm shell

TI Automotive’s new GSS fuel pumps features increased flow rates of 350lph. Their proven, robust gerotor technology is inside every 39mm in-tank fuel pump making them ideal for forced induction systems with high competition fuel demands. These pumps are available in 3 base configurations

GSS350G3 – 22mm Center Inlet
GSS351G3 – 11mm Inlet – 180° from the outlet
GSS352G3 – 11mm Inlet – Inline with the outlet

We are pleased to offer these pumps with a range of car specific fitting kits for easy installation.