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Facet Posi-Flow Electric Fuel Pump 7.0-10 psi 60107

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Facet Posi-Flow Electric Fuel Pump 7.0-10 psi 60107

Facet Posi-Flow Universal Electrical Fuel Pump for carburettor vehicles. 

Facet Fuel Pump No. 60107


  • Specification: Posi-Flow Pump
  • Pump Part Number  60107
  • Voltage  12v
  • Earth Negative
  • Pressure (Psi) 7.0-10
  • Flow:  US Gallons per Hour 40
  • Height  0.3 metres
NOT suited for vehicles with fuel injection.

Two-bolt installation plus the small size makes installation easy. For best results, mount the pump no more than 12 vertical inches from bottom of fuel tank.

Fuel pressure regulator is recommended. Click this text to see regulators.

This is an outstanding, lightweight universal Facet electronic fuel pump with state-of-the-art design that can be used in all carburettor-equipped vehicles and also as a diesel lift pump. In many applications, the advanced technology engineered into the Facet POSI-FLO fuel pump allows for a convenient interchange with the cube fuel pump. In addition it runs quieter, 65DB, versus the noise levels exhibited by earlier competitive solid state technologies. It is rated for 6000 hours of performance. The Facet Posi-Flo Fuel Pump's self-priming capabilities provide up to 12 inches of fuel lift and no extended cranking is necessary to restart the engine if "out-of-fuel" conditions occur.

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