FSE Power Boost Valve

FSE Power Boost Valves at discounted prices from Fuel Pumps Online! The Power Boost Valve is an adjustable fuel pressure regulator designed for use on ‘Electric Fuel Injection’ engines with a special fuel enrichment facility for acceleration, commonly known as a ’Rising Fuel Rate’.

FSE Power Boost Valve

Benefits are :-

  • Suitable for Standard and Tuned Vehicles
  • Quicker Throttle Response
  • Faster Acceleration
  • Throttle Hesitation (in most cases eliminated)
  • Normal Idle (with adjustment) Retained.
  • Normal Economy on Light Throttle
  • General Fitting Instructions included

NOTE: FSE Power Boost Valves are not suitable for single point injection, automatic or tiptronic cars. Only for vehicles with external fuel regulator off the fuel rail.

We also stock FSE fuel pressure gauges to compliment the Power Boost Valves. Simply click this text to view.

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