FSE Power Boost Valve For Fiat Punto 85 1.2 Mpi 97-99 VK-384-ECO3-H

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FSE Power Boost Valve For Fiat Punto 85 1.2 Mpi 97-99 VK-384-ECO3-H

The FSE Power Boost Valve is a high performance rising rate fuel regulator which replaces the original equipment valve (fitted to the vehicle).  An FSE boost valve improves acceleration and helps eliminate flat spots. By increasing the fuel pressure at 1.7x factory rate the Power Boost Valve produces a healthy, strong fuel mixture strength which will instantly improve the drivability of your vehicle, providing instant throttle response, removal of performance flat sports, faster acceleration and improved engine performance. Includes all necessary fittings and Instructions.

Power Boost Valve Fuel Pressure Regulator Kit (Adjustable)

Designed for use on EFI fuel injection engines with special fuel enrichment facility for acceleration, commonly known as a 'Rising Fuel Rate'.

The Renrichment Ratio is 1:1.7

Suitable for standard and tuned vehicles (quicker throttle response)

Faster Acceleration (throttle hesitation eliminated in most cases)

Normal economy on light throttle.

Consists of:-

1 x 384 fuel pressure regulator & mounting kit

1 x High pressure fuel pipe

1 x Vacuum pipe

1 x Fuel rail adaptor

Guage facility:- Yes

Vacuum Port:- Yes

Adjustable Range:- 1.0-5 Bar

Flow:- Directly relates to the flow rate of the fuel pump
Note: not available for single point injection or automatic cars. Only suitable for manual multi-point injection vehicles with external fuel regulator. Only fits the vehicle listed so please check model information carefully.

Stock Image: you will be sent correct kit for your vehicle.


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