FSE Rising Rate Regulator Kits

In this section we have FSE's Rising Rate Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator designed for use on ‘Electric Fuel Injection’ Engines with a special fuel enrichment facility for acceleration, commonly known as a ’Rising Fuel Rate’. This adjustable regulator has a 1 - 5 bar range and the enrichment rate is 1.7 : 1.  

Benefits are;


*Suitable for Standard and Tuned Vehicles

*Quicker Throttle Response

*Faster Acceleration

*Throttle Hesitation (in most cases eliminated)

*Normal Idle (with adjustment) Retained.

*Normal Economy on Light Throttle

*General Fitting Instructions included

*Weight 300 Grams Approx.

* Manufactured to Original Equipment Specs


Unit is supplied with a standard mounting bracket and car specific fitting kit

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