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A short reference to those considering purchasing a Fuel Regulator for Petrol Injected Vehicles.

Introduction to EFI fuel pressure regulators.

The fuel pressure regulator ensures that a vehicles fuel pressure is kept constant. As the fuel pressure can impact on the amount of fuel discharged throughout the injector cycle it is vital that this pressure is kept consistent and with this aim excess fuel is sent back to the fuel tank through the fuel return circuit located within the regulator. It is a common practice for fuel pressure regulators to be swapped for adjustable aftermarket versions in order to supply and configure fuel pressure on high performance applications. This generally occurs when a vehicle has been modified and needs more fuel as a result. Generally the fuel map inside the standard engine management system cannot be altered so an increase in fuelling can be achieved by introducing an adjustable fuel pressure regulator. Furthermore, when fuel demand is greater standard regulators have trouble regulating supply and fuel pressure spikes can occur. Regulators are essential for the high demands of a performance tuned engines.

Why choose a performance regulator?

Aftermarket regulators regulate fuel with far greater accuracy than stock regulators which have a tendency to fluctuate under pressure. FSE Sytec regulators are widely acknowledged as amongst the best on the market holding high pressures with incredibly stable progression. FSE offer regulators for fast road use as well as for more serious track day and race vehicles.

Regulators are available in standard or a smart anodised show finish both giving solid fuel pressure throughout ensuring proper and reliable fuel deliver for both turbo charged and naturally aspirated performance cars. These adjustable fuel regulators for EFI engines use an extra light weight diaphram and are equipped with exclusive design parts to provide excellent and stable fuel pressure whilst allowing detailed adjustment. This serves to dampen the pressure spikes caused by high flow fuel pumps and cycling injectors. FSE fuel pressure regulators are designed to provide the correct fuel pressure for any high performance fuel injected vehicle especially those using high flow aftermarket fuel injectors. Regulators can be purchased on their own adding a fuel rail adaptor of your choice if needed or are available in car specific kits.

FSE regulators come in two basic types: the Rising Rate Regulator (including their well known FSE Power Boost Valve) and Fixed Rate Regulators for mapping. The Rising Rate Regulator has a special fuel enrichment facility for acceleration, a 1-5 bar pressure range and an enrichment rate of 1.7:1. The fixed rate regulator is a popular choice for turbo-charged and modified motorsport applications. These regulators have a 1:1 ratio designed for mapping.

Optional Extras

In order to fit an aftermarket regulator many vehicles require a fuel rail adaptor enabling the removal of the stock regulator from the rail. This then allows the new regulator to be sited remotely in the engine bay. At Fuel Pumps Online we are able to supply fuel rail adaptors for most vehicle types – if you don’t see yours listed do enquire!

FSE regulators have a gauge port allowing the fitment of their 1-7 bar fuel pressure gauge. The gauge is a tool which allows optimal adjustment and adjustment to fuel pressure. A gauge should only be used for set-up purposes and not left as a permanent install.

Further information and pictures of our regulator range can be seen on our website.

Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulators

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