Fuel Regulators (EFI)

Introduction to Fuel Pressure Regulators.
The FPR ensures that a vehicles fuel pressure is kept constant. As the fuel pressure can impact on the amount of fuel discharged throught the injector cycle it is vital that this pressure is kept consistant and with this aim excess fuel is sent back to the fuel tank through the fuel return circuit located within the regulator. It is a common practice for fuel pressure regulators to be swapped for aftermarket versions in order to supply and configure fuel pressure on high performance applications. This generally occurs when a vehicle has been modified and needs more fuel as a result. Generally the fuel map inside the standard engine management system cannot be altered so an increase in fuelling can be acheived by increading the fuel pressure regulator. Furthermore, when fuel demand are greater standard regulators have trouble regulating supply and fuel pressure spikes can occur. Regulators are essential for the high demands of a performance tuned engines.

In this section we have universal fixed rate adjustable regulators and rising rate regulators.

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