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Genuine Malpassi Filter King Regulator - Transparent Bowl, 8mm Tails

The Filter King fuel pressure regulator by Malpassi has been specially designed to provide a constant, steady flow of fuel under all driving circumstances. This adjustable filter king regulator can be used to drop fuel pressure from pump in line with that required by the carburettor/s. This is especially beneficial when vehicle have been modified with aftermarket pump.

​​​​​​​These fuel pressure regulators have been part of a competition fuel system, and a common sight on motorsport vehicles over the past 25 years. The FILTER KING is a popular unit, regularly seen in the motorsport field because of its ability to regulate and filter fuel without restriction, it is available in two different sizes and in a choice of either a Transparent or Alloy Bowl to suit the customer’s requirements. See our shop for the alloy version. 

Height:- 130mm

Width:- 116mm

Weight:- 370 gms

Filter Micron:- 10

Unions:- 8mm

Pressure Range:-  1.5-7 psi

Gauge Port: Yes

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